June 10, 2016

{30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10}

Guilty Pleasures.

Hmm... I don't think I have too many. But I can think up a couple.

The Kardashians. I know I know! How could I possibly sit through their BS? I can't help it though. I like to watch their show. If only to have something on as background noise while I do my nails. They're so superficial and into themselves that it's insane. I've never seen someone be that way in real life (apart from some certain females).

Trisha Paytas's SnapChat. If you guys haven't found this girl on youtube, you need to look her up. Not really her main channel, but definitely her vlog. She is such a friggin' train wreck. Normally I wouldn't watch someone so damn tore up (and obviously in need of some serious psychological help) but I can.not.look.away. It's insane the shit she says and does. She reminds me of all the girls from 2000 who wanted to be either one of Hef's girlfriends (because of Girls Next Door) or Paris Hilton (because of her show). I'm pretty sure she believes that she is the reincarnation of both Anna Nichole Smith and Marilyn Monroe. She is not. She thinks she's some kind of sex symbol. She also believes she can sing like Britney...she even records music and does videos. She can not sing lol. Her latest "album" is all auto tune. All of it. None of it is raw talent. Which means you can't sing bitch! Ugh. add her on snap chat (trishaonyt) and see for yourself lol.

I'm pretty sure that's about it.

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