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June 21, 2016

{30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 21}

How Important Do You Think Education Is?

To be honest I have always thought that education was important depending on your area of interest past high school.

I think that other than Geography (which I suck at so maybe I should have payed more attention in that one), Math, and Reading/Writing your classes should be electives. Interested in science? Take that science class. Want to be a writer? Take that composition class (which was my favorite in high school by the way). Do you dream of being an accountant? Take those math classes. I wasn't interested in much of anything that I had to learn in high school. In fact, because of that I barely graduated.

I do think education is important, but I don't think all these classes need to be forced on kids.

Then again, I also don't think school needs to start at 8am and at 3pm. Not when I could have Gaige do all his school work in a few hours.

So there you have that.

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