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June 15, 2016

{30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 15}

15 Facts About Yourself.

I hate trying to come up with these things. But I'll try my best!

1. I over think everything. This is definitely something I need to work on. Sometimes I get myself all worked up because I go through every possible scenario in my head. I think we can all agree that that is an awful idea. You either get your hopes up way too high or you imagine the worst possible outcome and make yourself worry to death over nothing. It doesn't ever end up working out the way you really think it will.

2. I start projects I don't finish. I bitch about D doing this all the time (which he does) but I tend to do it too. Especially when it comes to painting rooms. There is still painters tape on the ceiling in the kitchen. I didn't know it was there until yesterday when I went to hug D and I saw it. I didn't pull it down. I figure I'll leave it there for when I randomly paint the kitchen again *haha*. I'm also having a rough time finishing the bathroom. Blah.

3. I have always wanted to be famous. When I was younger I wanted to be a famous writer. Now with youtube and everything I thought about making a vlogging channel. But I don't think I'm narcissistic enough to have a vlogging channel and have people commenting all the crap I see them comment on other peoples. I love watching them though.

4. I love watching E! I can watch this channel for literally hours. From RKOBH to Botched I'm obsessed.

5. I suck at decorating. I look at all these other mom blogs and see them living in these bright clean houses and I'm just like, who has the time to make shit that perfect?? I just can't. My living room is like this dark burnt orange and brown. It's really cozy and homey. I guess I should be happy with the fact that you can curl up and go to sleep in it, I bet those bright ass houses are hard to nap in lol. #priorities Am I right?

6. I can see through your BS. I don't know where I got this all knowing, all seeing power, but I can see through pretty much everyone's BS. When we first met Cassie (D's daughter from a previous relationship) I saw through her BS right off the bat. I met her for five minutes and said She has the potential to use us for everything we're worth and then ditch us when we put a stop to it and guess what happened? Exactly that. When we started going to the church a few years ago, I saw through most of those peoples BS right away. They are also users lol. Maybe BS meter is just on point. Who knows? I'm told my dad can see through people like that.

7. I love to read naughty books. A few years ago my best friend gave me the 50 Shades books and I fell in love. Previously I was reading mainly Young Adult novels and was totally into that. I had no desire to read those books. I thought they were porn on paper. Then my BFF forced them on me. I couldn't put them down. I fell in love. Then I stated reading more books in the genre. I can not put them down. The relationships in these books are so intense. So much so that I feel like I am whoever the female character is. It's insane lol.

8. I'm an over planner. I think anyone following me on pinterest knows my struggle. I think that's enough said.

9. I don't keep anything stronger than Asprin in the house. My family is full of people with highly addictive personalities. My dad, cousin, and an uncle (just on my moms side) have all struggled with addiction. So I have to keep myself in check. I've never become addicted to anything (except caffeine) but I don't want to give myself the opportunity either. Which is why when I broke my leg, I threw out the vicodin when I realized I wasn't in that kind of pain anymore. I could just take some Tylenol and be fine. It had to go.

10. I am a night owl. In my youth (because I'm an old married lady now) I could stay up all night with absolutely no problem. In fact, when I was dating this one guy I would stay up all night with him and then stay up all day too. I could do that for a couple days and then I'd go home and crash. Like I'd sleep like I hadn't slept in a month lol. Probably because I was staying up for days on end. And this wasn't even drug induced lol.

11. D was not the first guy I loved. When I was 15 I met a guy online, in a backstreet boys chat room of all places, and I fell head over heels for him in the matter of about two hours. We ended up talking off and on for the next four years (about). The kicker? We never even met in person! He lives in Canada.

12. I have an unhealthy obsession with potato chips. I blame this on my dad. I can not give up potato chips. It's impossible lol. I can sit there and eat an entire damn bag of Lay's Classic chips and a whole tub of french onion dip, in one sitting. Which is hell for my diet lol.

13. I don't eat the things I bake. Don't ask me why. I have no idea. I will taste while I'm making it, but once it comes out of the oven, I really just want nothing to do with it lol. My sister is the same way I think. We're weird.

14. I can't wait to be an empty nester. I love my kids. I really do. But I have been momming since I was 19. I'm ready to be done. I'm sure I'll be sad when Owen finally moves out or is to the point in life where we can go on with our retirement plans and he can live in our house or whatever. But I'm excited for that time in my life.

15. I'm obsessed with paranormal shows. I have always loved paranormal shows. But since my grandpa it has gotten even more intense. I feel like I need to know that it's possible for people to still linger. I know that I feel him around me but I need the proof that it's possible and I'm not crazy. I believe I've talked about it before, but it's something that I'm just constantly watching and talking about.

OK I hope those were some things you didn't know about me..or at least that I haven't talked to death lol.

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