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December 1, 2015

{ #Blogmas Day 1: Favorite Holiday Tradition}

When I was a kid our traditions were few. Most of them included the four of us begging our grandparents to not make us stay with our parents that night and our parents getting pissed that we didn't want to stay with them. Not the best of traditions right?

I don't have that problem with my kids. We all live in the same house. I'm their parent and we have sort of made our own traditions..or I've tried to anyway.

To be totally honest my favorite tradition was always going Christmas shopping with my grandma. Every year (almost) we would bundle up and head out to shop..on Christmas Eve.

My grandpa would call her up, tell her someone had paid their bill for him fixing their car, and we would be off. It always snowed that day. Always. We'd spend all day shopping and come home with our station wagon (or van) full of gifts for everyone and their neighbor.

It was so much fun!

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