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December 18, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 18: An Amazing Aunt I am!}

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As I've said before, my favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts to the people in my life. This includes, my niece (Soapie) and nephew (Monkey). This year we might have gone a little crazy with my nephew though. To be fair, he is my favorite nephew ;)

For Soapie, we got her an Elsa musical toy. She stands on an ice stand and sings Let it Go. She also lights up! We were walking through Costco one day and D spotted her and we thought perfect. Originally we had gotten her a big doll house from the same place, but we ended up taking it back. I wish I had a picture of it. Literally the cutest thing ever and I think she's going to love it! She loves Frozen! What four year old doesn't though right?

For my Monkey (a nickname I gave him when he was first born), I wanted to get him something really good this year. When my sister said that he was wanting a new tablet because his randomly stopped turning on, I decided I'd get him the same one we got Owen for his birthday, a Galaxy Tab A. Because I am just that awesome of an aunt. Of course we don't do big things like this every year. We usually try to keep the price of the gifts to around the same. But like we said, we'd gotten Soapie a big doll house and decided against it. But I'd already told my sister I was getting him the tablet, so I had to follow through.

Today I went and dropped off the gifts with my grandma since both my sister and brother live closer to than I do, and I had errands to run today. I wouldn't have had time to run the errands, pick up the kids, and drive out to my grandmas house. I just told my grandma to make sure they record the kids opening them.

I didn't get anything from my brother. But my sister sent me this little nugget of fun :)

Now he will have it for the car ride our surprise destination tomorrow :)

Side note: he didn't believe that it was really the tablet. He thought we were trying to trick him lol.

I definitely scored the title of "best aunt ever" with this one. Of course D is the best uncle ever now too.