December 5, 2015

{ #Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Food!}

What's better than presents on Christmas? Food!!

We are not super traditional when it comes to what goes on the table on Christmas. When I was little my grandma would make a turkey and all kinds of goodies because she would host a party on Christmas Day. But as the four of us (my brothers, sister, and myself) got older, the turkey was slowly given up for soup. Usually potato soup. Or cabbage. I like both.

This year, it's up to me to plan a Christmas menu!

D and I decided to host his family (his grandma, aunt, Tristen, and his dad) this year instead of loading up our kids and going to three different places.

So far I'm planning on Chili. It's something everyone will eat and no one can complain about. D makes amazing chili!

I'll also make some deviled eggs, maybe macaroni and cheese. I want everyone to have something to eat, especially the kids. Owen won't eat hardly anything these days so I have to make something he will eat.

I'm really wanting to do something like hot chocolate with whip cream for the kids too! We usually put a package in their Christmas Eve boxes, but I think I'll skip them in there this year and do something else. I want to make it fun for everyone!

Christmas morning is far more relaxed. I found this pretty cool idea on Pinterest also! Usually I just make bacon and eggs but this sounds like such a better idea. Especially since everyone loves a good breakfast casserole! (It's also only 6pp!)

As far as lunch goes, I think we are going to my grandparents house to have Christmas with my mom and her husband.

So, nothing too exciting as far as food is happening around here this season. And since we have such picky ass eaters, it's impossible to make one meal to please everyone.

What do you eat on Christmas?

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