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December 20, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 20: Christmas Survey!}

A Christmas survey! I encourage you all to fill it out and either post it to your blogs and let me know you did so I can read yours, or answer the questions in the comments!

1. Do you know what you want for Christmas already? 
-Share with us 5 things from your list.
1. Fitbit
2. Treadmill
3. Slimmer waistline
4. New Purse (cause one can never have too many)
5. Uninterrupted sleep (because that's what every mom wants right?

2. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? I'm completely done.

3. What is a family tradition you do every year? Usually we all load up and go to D's grandma's on Christmas Eve but they are coming to my house this year. Then on Christmas Day we usually fiddle around the house and let the kids enjoy their gifts, but this year my mom is having a get together at my grandmas. So we actually have to leave the house on someone else's schedule. Blah.
4. Tell me something that makes you sad about Christmas? Until last year I have never been sad about Christmas. Never. But this year it just seems like the world is gloomy and sad and everything is unChristmasy. Ya know? 
5. Do you like Christmas? I do.

6. Will you see all of your family this Christmas? Most of them.
7. Who's house will you celebrate at this year? We are only going to my grandma's house this year.
8. Is there someone in your family you are not looking forward to seeing this Christmas? If so who, and why? Nope.

9. Do you creatively wrap your presents for others? Not really lol

10. What was the best Christmas gift you were ever given- not counting people, or children: Hmm..this is hard cause I've gotten a lot of good things in my 32 years. Um, I guess it was all the BSB stuff I got in my teen years. Oh! And the Barbie Dream House I got when I was seven!

11. What is a Christmas wish you would give to someone else? I would wish that every single kid wouldn't know what it was like to have Santa skip their house.

12. Whats the most money you ever spent on a gift for someone? We bought my kids a PS4 this year.

13. Do you decorate the tree early, or late? I usually have always put my tree up before Thanksgiving. But this year I wouldn't have put it up until now if D wouldn't have told Owen he could decorate it. I just wasn't into it.

14. Do you use tinsel? Absolutely not! I made that mistake one year and I never will again!

15. Do you own any antique Christmas bulbs? Nope.

16. Have you ever been to NYC during the tree lighting? No.

17. Do you put a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree? A star. My angel wouldn't fit the big tree :(

18. Do you hang stockings? Of course!

19. Funniest Christmas memory? I don't think I have one.

20. Worst Christmas memory: Hmm..that year my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents) rented this huge cabin in WI for Christmas. We went up to look at it with everyone but when it came time to leave, my mom wouldn't let us go. So we knew what was going on up there, but we had to stay home with my parents who refused to go.

Oh! There's also that year that my mom tried to make up for that cabin trip and got her own cabin with my dad. And he was bitchy the whole time and everyone had a miserable time.

21. Do you drink eggnog? No. Gross!
22. Have you eaten a candy cane this year yet? Sure have.

23. Do you leave milk and cookies out for Santa anymore? I have an eight year old who still believes. So yes. We do all the Santa things.

24. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake. I did a real one one time and I'll never do it again.

25. Have you ever seen a drunk Santa? Only on TV.
26. Do you have the Christmas spirit early this year? I don't think I have the Christmas spirit at all this year.

27. What makes you jolly? Watching my kids get excited for Christmas.

28. Have you ever roasted chestnuts over an open fire? Not that I'm aware of.

29. Have you ever worn a tacky Christmas sweater? I grew up in the 80's & 90's, I was way ahead of the ugly sweater trend.