December 17, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 17: Stocking Stuffers!}

I don't know about you guys, but stockings are my favorite thing to buy for! The big gifts are fun, and I love watching the kids open them. But there's something so fun about the stockings. When I was a kid we would send my little sister in to our parents room to wake them up (cause dad couldn't yell at the baby lol) and he would tell us to go get our stockings. We'd bring them back to my room to open them and see what all each of us got. It was so much fun!

They were usually packed full. So full that you wouldn't have gotten another thing in them if you had to. I remember a lot of the things I got, hell I even still have a lot of what I got lol. Especially from my teen years since that was when Backstreet was super popular and their things were all over the stores. My gifts always revolved around them ;).

This year, I tried to keep it small. All three will get a an orange in their stocking for toe (my paternal grandmother did this, so I do it too when I remember lol), and some candy. But the rest are goodies customized for each kid! Lets see what my three are getting this year (sometimes it's even a surprise to me, since I've been known to forget to write something down hahaha).

  • Lava Lamp Night Light (pink not blue)
  • Push Pins for her picture board 
  • Rubber Bands (for her loom)
  • Door Hanger (I think it says Girls Only or something like that)
  • Light Switch cover (blue and white with Eiffel Tower on it) 
  • D Necklace
  • 3 Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers
  • Hand Sanitizer holder (to attach to her backpack/purse)
  • Book Light (the girl always has her nose in a book!)
  • Candy coins (something I put in there every year)
 If she would have gotten her grades up before this report card, she would have also gotten a pencil holder for her locker. But because of the deal we made, that wasn't possible :(.

  • Shock Gun (one of those that you pull the trigger and it shocks you..I see problems arising with that one) 
  • Switch blade comb (I don't even know what to say..)
  • 3 Travel Forks (he has this thing about dirty silverware in restaurants)
  • O2 Cartridges (for his air soft gun)
  • Emergency Ration Bars (Yeah..he likes that stuff lol)
  • Rain Poncho
  • BB's (obviously for his BB gun)
  • Air soft pellets
  • Knife sharpener (so he will leave my kitchen one alone!)
  • Flash light 
  • Candy coins
  • Big League Chew Gum
That kid is so into hunting/fishing/camping that you just go down the camping section at Walmart and find things he'll be happy with. He also enjoys MRE's but I knew they wouldn't fit in the stocking.

  • 6 Disney Infinity Disc packages
  • Foam soap
  • Tooth brush (mario this time!)
  • Kinetic Sand 
  • Wubble Bubble 
  • 2 Mine Craft Mini Figures (the kind you buy in the box and you don't know which one you got until you open it)
  • Play Doh (I always put that in there. He loves it!)
  • Candy Coins 
  • Big League Chew Gum
So that's what my three are getting this year in their stockings. I will most likely put some more candy in there. Depends on if I find something I want to put in when I'm out shopping for Christmas Eve dinner haha.

So what are your kids getting in their stockings?

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