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December 7, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 7: Favorite Home Made Gifts!}

I think home made gifts are probably my favorite gifts to give and to receive. It shows that someone took the time and energy to think of something they think you would love and they created it for you.

Being a mom, I get home made gifts all the time. My boys especially have always loved to make things for me. Be it a drawing they did while bored at the table or something they made at school. It's always special to me. Of course I don't keep everything. I'm a pack rat, not a hoarder.

My favorite gifts they've given me, however, are the Christmas ornaments they make at school.

I keep every single one and cherish it! They always have a spot on my Christmas tree. In fact, I don't even put ornaments of my own on the tree hardly at all anymore. There isn't any room..and I have an 8ft tree!

I love the idea of my tree being covered in home made ornaments that hold all these amazing memories. I still have some of my ornaments that I made for my mom as a kid.

 Isn't Gaige just the cutest?! This was the last year he ever gave me an ornament. So it had to be his third grade year. They don't do them after that :(. I think they should make them into middle school! If I had my way they certainly would!

 This one made me cry. It's Owens from his Kindergarten year. The little snowmen on the red ornament are his fingers. I have never gotten such a sweet gift. The poem on it is why I cried though.

I have no idea when this was made. I wish I would have had the brains to write a year on it. This obviously wasn't a school made gift. But I love it just the same. She doesn't even remember when she made it. But it's on my tree just the same.

Those are the things I treasure most in my Christmas ornament box. Home made gifts are the best!

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