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December 6, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 6: Opening Gifts!}

I am such a horrible blogger! I thought I had a post for the 6th but I didn't. Then when I realized it, I forgot to write one. Blah. But I am back and I'm ready to Christmas blog! So here we go!

For as long as I was growing up, we always did Christmas the same way. My grandparents would usually have a small Christmas with us on Christmas Eve, then they would take us to our parents house and we would spend Christmas Day with them. Of course it was never just us sitting around the house enjoying our gifts. We were up at the crack of dawn, done by around 10am, then it was off to my dads parents farm where we would open gifts there. We were then shuffled to my moms dads house where we would open gifts once again. It was so chaotic and overwhelming.

But when I had Gaige I did the same thing. And for several years since his birth I've done it. Until last year. Last year D and I decided that we didn't want to rush our kids on Christmas Day. We didn't want to make it so hard on ourselves. So we stopped.

Now that we've put all that to a stop, we have a pretty chill Christmas.

We open gifts with D's grandma on Christmas Eve. We also open up our Christmas Eve boxes!

This year they look like this!

I don't know where the ones from last year ran off to. D says I threw them out. I'm going to have to start making notes to myself in a Christmas folder on my laptop or something lol. #mombrain

In them is just PJ's, Movie, and Snacks. The kids love this tradition. It's ensures that they'll be in cute PJ's for Christmas morning pictures too lol (thinking ahead!).

On Christmas morning we wake up, not at the crack of dawn cause my kids are not about the early morning life, and we open stockings then our gifts. It's pretty low key and calm.

So that is usually how gift opening is at our house. What are your present opening traditions?

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