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December 15, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 15: Christmas Decorations!}

Who doesn't love Christmas decorations? I certainly know I do! Which is why I tend to put them out right before thanksgiving and leave them until New Years. Except last year. Last year I had everything put away Christmas day. But I don't think that will be the case this year. We shall see.

But here are the ones I have out this year!

The stockings are hung! D built that shelf last year. We want to get a fire place but haven't found the one we want yet. So this shelf will just have to do. Isn't it nice?

Those items there on the bottom under the stockings have been around for a while. My grandma gave them all to me, they were sitting out at her house for years. Well, the snow man box and the stuffed one I know were lol.

This could be one of my favorite decorations. A snowman nativity scene. Another thing I got from my grandma.

The large snowman plays music. The other is just for fun. The two little elf dolls in the middle were McDonalds toys from when I was a kid! My grandma had them on her Christmas tree for the longest time and now I have them lol.

This dusty little number is a cute little bike that usually sat under my tree. But since it's too big now, it sits in front of my TV. Isn't it so cute?! I'm pretty sure Owen attempted to take a ride on it more than once lol.

This guy is a new addition to our Christmas decor. It was hidden in a box of D's moms belongings. It was sitting on a table in our dining room for a while but then I decided that the Christmas tree was a better spot for him. I'm not much of a teddy bear person but I have so many things from my family, and I thought it would be nice to have something from D's also.

The cookie jar with no cookies. I don't have counter space in my kitchen for this huge guy, so he's sitting on the shelf behind my couch.
Is this thing cute or what?! Its supposed to hold a tea light candle but I don't usually light it. I just think it's cute!

Our new Santa cookie plage! I have had the same one since I was little, but this year, I wanted something new. We don't do milk, but we do do cookies. And I found this one at Target for $2.00. I think it's cute.