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December 21, 2015

{ #blogmas Day 21: Christmas Eve Boxes!}

I found this idea on Pinterest a couple years ago and it has become one of my favorites! I've added a little something every year. It has become a fun way for us to have family time on Christmas Eve. The boxes are from Hobby Lobby again this year. Most everything inside the box is from Target though. 

For Gaiges box I put in some PJ pants and a Walking Dead Survivor tshirt. He's passed the age of actual matchy matchy pajamas so this was the best I could come up with.

I also put in a hot chocolate kit; marshmallows, peppermint spoon, and hot chocolate mix. They got mugs last year so I skipped those and instead put in a popcorn bucket and some popcorn. I found the bucket at Target in the $1, $3, $5 Spot. He also has fun dip that Owen picked out.

His movie this year is Arthur Christmas. Mainly because I had no idea what else to get him. We have most of the older movies at this point. We've had them since he was about a year old lol.

Little Owen is probably the easiest to shop for. He still loves his PJs and everything that has to do with Christmas!

His PJs this year at Ninja Turtle (what else?). My grandma just happened to spot them at Target (of course) one day. And wasn't I surprised when they turned out to be on sale! Gotta love a surprise like that right?

His movie, like Gaiges, was chosen out of a need to have one more than this was a good movie. We've seen the Sponge Bob Christmas Movie a million times. There's nothing really special about it. But he does like SB so I picked it up. It was also only $5.

He also gets the hot chocolate kit, the fun dip, and the popcorn bucket and popcorn.

I spotted these PJs at Target for Dawn and could not resist them! They have cute little donuts on them for Pete's sake! What makes me sad is these are in the junior section! How on earth is she wearing junior PJs already? Ugh. But they're cute none the less and she will love them!

She also gets the fun dip, popcorn bucket, and popcorn. Her box is missing the hot chocolate kit because she doesn't like hot chocolate anyway.

Her movie is one we actually don't have and one I love! Nightmare Before Christmas!! When she was watching Dancing With The Stars with me for their Halloween show, and team Nightmare (Nicks team of course) did their dance to this song, we were both pretty excited. So I thought it would be a good one for her.

I ended up having extra peppermint spoons so I made four more hot chocolate kits. One is for Tristen. I don't know if he drinks hot chocolate but I thought it'd be nice to give to him anyway.

The other three are for our neighbors. Their kids play with ours and since I have extras, why not share the love right? I might actually pick them up some mugs like the ones I got my kids last year and throw some popcorn in there. I don't know though. To be determined I guess.

So that's what we put in our Christmas Eve boxes. Do you do this tradition too? What do you put in yours?