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November 7, 2016

{Disney Bound- Packing List!}

I have waited so long to be able to write these posts! We're now just four weeks from our Disney trip and I can not wait! But now the real planning begins. I already posted about what we're taking as far as food. But when it comes to clothes, that gets a little harder. Mainly because the two older kids will want to pack their own bags. So that's stressful for me on its own. I like to know everyone has everything they're going to take. Which means packing my bag, Owens bag, and rechecking Dawn and Gaiges bags to make sure they have enough of everything they need. Which they most likely won't and I'll have to repack it. The struggles of being a mom going on vacation.

Since we're taking D's aunts van, everyone is getting their own bag. It saves on fighting and the constant He moved all my stuff and now I can't find anything crap that comes along with traveling with three kids. Or more than one kid I guess I should say.

D and I will obviously share a suitcase. It's a little bigger than a carry on and I think it'll hold all of our stuff pretty well. As it stands our lists are pretty long. I'm only packing a couple pairs of jeans for each of us. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't wash my jeans every day. Especially if I don't get anything on them. Obviously I'll be wearing my comfy pants so I won't need to pack those. No way I'm traveling sixteen hours in jeans, no thank you to that torture. I'm planning on taking several shirts of course. Who wants to be in pictures with like three different shirts? Boring! Not only will we have our clothes, but I have to take my hot tools with me (hair dryer and flat iron), and my toiletries bag. Last time we went on a trip I took one of those roll up bathroom travel organizers. I don't think I'm going to take that one with us this time, I'm going to do that again this time. It was so much easier to unroll it and hang it on the bathroom door and everything was right there where everyone could get into it. So much easier than having to deal with five different bags of stuff sitting on the counter in a hotel bathroom. Now, I'm also going to have each kid pack a small bag of their own toiletries too. I think they're just all old enough to handle that. Especially Dawn who will want to bring her makeup and such. But that's our bag situation for this trip.

Owens bag is so old lol. If I remember right my grandma bought it for Gaige when he was little from a thrift store. It has been on multiple trips, it sat in her van for years with back up clothes in it too lol. Now it's been passed on to Owen. In the picture you can see that it has a handle so he can drag it behind him, there's also straps so he can wear it on his back if he wants. There are small bottle pockets on either side also, and a small pocket on the front. Plenty of room for all his clothes.

I'm taking a few pairs of jeans for him, I know my kid well enough to know that he is bound to get something on himself, even at nine years old. He is my kid after all lol. I also have some shirts in mind for him, all Disney of course. He's going to have his own little toiletries bag too of shampoo and his tooth brush and such. He got with a bath kit for Christmas last year. I thought it was super cute and I knew it would come in handy eventually.

Dawn has the same bag she has had for a while. I think she got it for Easter a couple years ago. It's just a little duffle bag that will fit all of her goodies easily. I'm having her take a few pairs of jeans just like Owen because like Owen, she will definitely end up with something on her pants. It happens every single damn time we go anywhere. She is pretty much going to pack her own bag. I'll go through it and make sure nothing is hideous and everything fits her and such. She has a tendency to wear the not most flattering things on her own. She is clearly in the awkward stage of her fashion choices right now. She's also taking her own toiletry bag. She's at the age now where she wants to wear makeup and she has quite a bit of it for a fourteen year old. I certainly didn't have that much when I was her age. She's also old enough to be responsible for her own toiletries. So yeah.

Gaige is using a carry on suitcase that used to be Tristens. I found it in the back of Dawn's closet and thought it would be great for Gaige. He's easy to pack for. He'll throw in some t-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans be done lol.

Everyone is obviously going to bring a hoodie (woot! Another chance to let the world know I'm a member of the Backstreet Army!). Since it'll be December that might be a Duh! statement but you never know. I have been checking the weather for December in Florida and so far it'll be in the low 70's, which means it'll be even colder in the evening hours. I don't want to freeze waiting for rides. I also don't want to listen to the kids complain that they're cold. So hoodies are a must!

I've got a couple more Disney posts planned! So keep a look out for those!