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November 22, 2016

{Owen's Parent/Teacher Meeting}

I can't believe this year is already half over. We only go to school until May and it's already almost December. Where did this year go? When I was little my grandma used to say that once a kid starts school, the years just fly by. I'm thinking she's right. I don't think there's a day that goes by anymore where I don't think where did the day go? it's more than a little insane to think that in six months (give or take) my youngest will be in fourth grade. He will move on to the intermediate school. This is the last year of him being a little boy. He won't be my baby anymore. I used to think Gaige getting older was going to kill me, nope. It's definately Owen.

Yesterday I had his parent/teacher meeting and I've got to say with great certainty that he is one smart cookie.

He's shy but she's slowly but surely bringing him more out of his shell every day. She said that he is always respectful and polite and well behaved. I don't think I've gotten a note home at all (ever in fact) saying he was in trouble or even got scolded. The one time he got in trouble he told me himself and it wasn't even a big deal lol. He was just so upset because he never gets in trouble at school. I mean, he wasn't even really in trouble he just had to move his behavior card lower for not listening or something like that, and the whole class had to do it lol.

She said that he needs to spend more time reading through the word problems in math and that he needs to slow down when he's reading a story and go back if he needs to to understand it better. I've told him this myself when he's doing his homework. He wants to rush through and just answer questions randomly instead of actually reading and doing it right. He's eight though, so it's normal.

That was her only issue with him so far this year.

He's right on track with his reading also. Which doesn't surprise me he's a pretty good reader. Which I attribute largly to his gaming habits. He had to learn to read to be able to play most of the games he wants to play. She said he's right on track to meet his goals for fourth grade. You can't even know how happy that makes me. I wish Gaige would have been in this district right off the bat. It's obviously better than the one we moved from.

So that's that. He's a smarty pants. I hate to admit it, but he's probably smarter than me lol.

Also, I just want to say that I love his teacher this year. She used Class Dojo as a behavior system in her class and she's not shy about taking tons of pictures through out the day and sending them through the app. I don't think I've ever gotten that many pictures from teachers since any of my kids started school. Gaige and Dawn's teacher took pictures but she wouldn't let me keep them and she never sent a copy or anything home *tear*.