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December 23, 2016

{Disney Bound | Epcot}

The very first thing we did was head through the worlds to Norway where the Frozen ride is. Only to discover that everyone had the same idea lol. So we ditched that plan and went to different rides. Not that there were too many. We ended up on Soarin' (so worth the wait oh my gosh!), Mission to Mars (for the love of God if you're going on this, go on the green! You will regret going on orange lol). We also went on a ride called the Land, which was kind of cool. It took us through all the ways we can help the earth and how at Disney they're trying to make a difference. They grow a ton of their own food. It's insane.

We did the Turtle Talk with Crush, funny but more geared towards little kids than my three. Still cute though. We sat through a movie called Circle of Life, nice way to rest your feet but not worth any kind of line.

We ate lunch in Mexico. Not the best food I've ever had by the way.

After lunch it was more wandering. We did the Frozen Ever After ride (a 70 minute wait, trust me folks, it felt more like 10 hours), which I was excited for It was definitely worth the wait.

 Unfortunately it decided to rain while we were there. Luckily, we were smart and brought ponchos.

While waiting for the rain to calm down we did some shopping and picked up some of this yummy stuff! It tastes like fruit loops. I think Gaige ended up buying like four bags of different kinds of popcorn lol.

We also ended up in the Innoventions building while it was raining. This was after we went on the Mission to Mars ride and I was feeling more than a little off. So I just sat around while everyone else explored and did their thing.

We (me, D, Owen, and Dawn) went up in the big ball too! If you get the chance to do this, it's a must! So amazing!

To be honest, Epcot wasn't anything super amazing aside from a few of the rides. We certainly could have gotten through it by noon if we wouldn't have had to deal with the rain. I would have liked to look around a little more though. I know there are places within it that I would have liked to see, but everyone was so worried about getting to the next ride that we didn't stay in one spot long enough :(. When we go back (should we do that) I am definitely going to look around more.