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November 21, 2016

{Disney Bound- Moms Park Bag!}

I have been going back and forth as to if I want to take a bag into the parks or not. And ultimately I think it'll be a good idea. Especially since I want to vlog and snap chat as much as I can. I'll need a place to keep my extra batteries, memory cards, and chargers. I'm not feeling the whole huge book bag thing though for myself. I might be able to talk D into taking one. Just so we have our ponchos and such in there. But I also might be able to fit them in my bag. We shall see when I actually buy them lol.

I decided that if I'm going to take a bag into the parks, it's going to be kind of small and just big enough to carry what I know I'm going to need. So I figured this one would work just fine. I take it with us on the bike and it works out great!

There are plenty of pockets and plenty of room for anything I might need to shove in there.

As of right now, I intend on bringing...

1. My phone
2. Battery case
3. Power bank
4. Camera
5. Extra battery for camera
6. Extra memory cards
7. Gum (because they don't sell it in the parks and I'm a gum chewer!)
8. Tissue (cause we will end up needing them)
9. Hand sanitizer
10. Baby wipes (because I have childen)

I will most likely put the ponchos in there (like I stated above). I might throw in a couple nutrigrain bars too. We have the dining plan but I know my kids well enough to know that you need some kind of snack to keep them happy while waiting in a long line. No one hates a hangry meltdown more than me! So I'm going to bring some of my favorite "candy bars".
These are friggin' amazing! They're only five points plus (weight watchers) and they taste like a PayDay bar! I get a huge box at Costco for like $12. So good!

Naturally I'll have some lip balm in my bag as well. I seem to always grab that when I know I'm going to be walking. My lips get dry so fast. And so do Gaiges. So it'll come in handy.

But yeah, nothing too exciting. D might take a book bag like I said, but if we can avoid having to have a big bag, we want to. Wish us luck!