December 16, 2016

{Disney Bound | Travel Day 2 & Arrival!}

You know what I realized this entire trip? My grandparents were crazy taking us on trips all the time. For the love of chicken nuggets.

Our second day of travel was pretty uneventful. We woke up around 5am because the hotel had a continental breakfast that we didn't want to miss. It was just one more thing we didn't have to spend money on while on the road. Also another stop we didn't have to make. So up we got and were down in the dining area by 5:30am. Not only was it still dark (hello winter!) but it was cold and rainy. To be honest I was kind of glad for the weather. Once we got back in the van the kids just sort of curled up and went back to sleep. That worked for me since I didn't want them up that early anyway. I could see the melt downs coming long before we even got into a Disney park.

We finally made it to Florida and like a switch had been flipped, it was suddenly 74*. We saw it get to 81* by the time we made it to Disney. I couldn't believe the change so fast. It was amazing! Especially since I was getting texts from my mom telling me she was seeing snow back home!

After getting into Florida, it didn't take long at all to get to Disney. After stopping at the Florida welcome center of course. Since that seems to be the thing to do when you drive into Florida.

That's when the good stuff started happening!

We arrived at the Port Orleans Resort at just around 2pm. Which means we made amazing time!

Driving in I could almost feel the magic! Right off the bat we were greeted by a gaurd post where we gave our names and he directed us toward guest services where we would check in. It was full of excitment as we made our turns and pulled up in front of the lobby.

I stood in line for a while, maybe five or ten minutes before someone walked up to me and ushered me to their computer where they checked us in in just a couple minutes. I have to say, it was pretty painless! Not something I was expecting from the videos I've watched.

After the check in, the cast member gave us a map to our hotel room, 2634 on the second floor. Parking was a bit of a pain in the ass. Finding the building was easy enough though once we started walking towards it on the foot path.

I already reviewed the hotel and resort itself, so I won't go into that here.

After we got all of our luggage in (or should I said, after D and Gaige did) we all suited up and went down to the small pool.

We had dinner in the food court after swimming and although we were unimpressed, it wasn't the worst dining experience I've ever had.

After dinner was more swimming at Ol' Man Island and then sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

Driving 16 hours in two days is insane. Wouldn't have done it any other way though!