November 9, 2016

{Disney Bound- The Big Reveal!}

I have been waiting since we booked our trip to tell the kids we're going! It has been absolute hell trying to keep this damn secret! I hate keeping secrets like that. But today is the day! I finally got our Magic Bands in the mail! And just in time too, we're only three weeks from our Disney vacation.

I have scoured the internet (mainly pinterest) for a way to tell the kids. A creative way. I finally decided on wrapping them and having each kid take a turn unwrapping the package.

It came in this brown package, so it's not obvious that it's from Disney. In fact, it doesn't say Disney anywhere on it. I think that's a pretty awesome touch to be honest.

I decided to wrap the package. With the only wrapping paper I have right now lol. And each kid will take their turn opening a part of the gift. Going to oldest to youngest, Dawn will take off the paper, Gaige will open the brown box, and Owen will open the band box. But because it's so much more fun on video, I recorded the whole thing! So here you go!

I think it turned out well! I was half expecting Owen to cry. We've been telling him for a year that we didn't have the money to go to Disney and now we were telling him we were going. He's funny about stuff like that. He doesn't care too much for surprises. But he took it well. He's really excited!

And of course here are our luggage tags! We're not flying but I thought they were super cute anyway and I'll end up attaching them to our luggage. I specifically got the red one because I wanted Minnie Mouse lol.

So there you have it folks!