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December 12, 2016

{Disney Bound | Port Orleans Riverside | Review}

I'm aware that anyone reading is wanting to see pictures and videos of our stay. But I recently got some questions about how I liked our hotel, and I thought I'd go ahead and post about it first.

To be honest I wish I would have had a more honest review of what to expect from this resort. I've seen many room tours on Youtube but they don't give details, they just show you what it looks like.

Now, we stayed at the Riverside half of Port Orleans, the other half is the French Quarter. It looked more like an old plantation and was so pretty! I kind of wish I could have gotten a room there.

Upon arrival, before even making it to guest services to check in, we were met by a gaurd post. The cast member standing there with a clipboard asked for our name and crossed us off. I thought it was pretty efficient. I wasn't expecting it to be honest. I've never been to a hotel that had a check point before lol.

After checking in, which was pretty painless. We wee sent to our room. Which is where things got a little annoying. The place is so big that there's no way to get close to your room. You just have to park and walk. Of course, after sitting in a car for two days, I wasn't super upset about it.

The walk itself was cute. Pathways that looked like bridge boards, lined with trees. It honestly did look how one would imagine Princess and the Frog would look in real life.

Our room was on the second floor (room 2634 to be exact).

The room itself was cute. Just like the ones I saw in my research on Youtube. But what Youtube doesn't tell you, is that it's pretty small. The two queen beds take up most of the floor space, and there's is little to no storage anywhere. The murphy bed on the wall was convenient though.

The bathroom (which I didn't get a picture of) was so small. There was barely enough room to get undressed in there. It was just the shower/tub and the toilet. To give you an example of how small it was, I didn't realize D was in there and opened the door. I knocked into his knee and his elbow while he was sitting on the toilet. There wasn't even enough to room to open the door. I don't think I've ever seen a bathroom so small. Of course, right outside the bathroom was a small changing area with the sinks/mirrors, space to hang your clothes, and a pull curtain so you could change while someone was in the bathroom I suppose. It came in handy more than once.

There was mini fridge, that surprisingly heald quite a bit. But no microwave. Which made sense because they want you to eat in their food court or at one of their restaurants.

Aside from the room, I felt like the whole place was really pretty. Our first night we made our way to the food court after getting the van unpacked. It was a crowded mess on Sunday night. While paying we learned that the Dartmoth band was just leaving and they were all using thier food vouchers. The rest of our stay there, we avoided the food court at typical meal times and didn't have much of an issue.

Now that first night, we had some pretty big issues. For starters, D went to order from a different spot the rest of us and the cast member waiting on him gave our order to three different people before serving him. She kept saying "yes you have two orders" every time he would say something as he watched someone walk away with something we ordered before they were even in line. Later we figured they were just annoyed that the college kids but still, not a very good first impression. (I talk about this in my vlog as well just so you know)

The food that first night wasn't that wonderful either. Which made zero sense to me since I had heard many times how amazing Disney food is. The burgers Dawn and D got were greasy and gross. The chicken Owen and I got were pretty good though, Gaige liked his pizza. But it wasn't anything to write home about ya know?

The pools were pleasant. There were three all together, we only visited two. The kids were in them more than I was lol. There was a small one right near our building that we spent our first evening in. Then about a half mile down the walk way was Ol' Man Island which had a rather large pool with slides and a bar attached. There was also a hot tub and a small kiddie pool. The pools never got crowded, even in the evenings. And the best part was the deepest part of the pools were only five feet. There were two life guards on duty also at the big pool.

When we first started researching this resort, D was pretty excited about the fishing. On Ol Man Island you can rent a cane pole for 30min and they provide the bait. Him and Gaige love to fish so they did that on the third day. They were pretty disappointed to find out that the bait was hot dogs (who fishes with hot dogs?) and the line on the pole was just long enough to drop into the water, you couldn't throw it out or anything like you woud a normal pole. The websites said that it was a stocked lake, but no. It wasn't stocked at all. They sat there for the whole 30 minutes and didn't catch a thing and never even got a nibble. Not worth the money at all.

Another thing we found that was unsettling was the speed of which the carts would pass you on the walking paths. They are supposed to be there to pick people and luggage up, but I don't think I saw any of them actually doing that the whole time we were there. We did, however, see them all almost run us over more than once. You'd think with small children running around the resort, and all the blind corners that they would go at a slower speed so they had time to stop should someone be in the road. Toward the end of our stay we didn't see that as much. But it was enough to piss us off and sour us on the whole experience right from the beginning.

I think that's about it. The whole trip was a good time. Over all the whole resort experience was convenient. I liked it. But there were just things that really made it a pain in the ass for us lol.

In the end would I reccomend this resort? Probably not. If I was to stay at Port Orleans again, I would stay at the French Quarter lol.