November 2, 2016

{Disney Bound- Food Edition}

Ah! We only have five more weeks until we hit the road bound for Disney! I am so excited and oddly enough have not been going out of my mind planning. I'm having a hard time getting it together when I can't tell the kids where we're going yet. I'm waiting for the Magic Bands to come in and they won't even be shipped until some time after the third. But I have managed to plan out some of what we'll be packing as far as food goes.

And let me tell you guys, it's no easy feat trying to come up with things that everyone is going to eat. I've been racking my brain and scouring Pinterest looking for ideas. I know what you're thinking Just pack a bunch of snacks, but that's not really the direction I want to go. We are going to attempt to stay out of the drive-thru's on trip as much as possible. So I need quite a few choices between three kids and D.

We're taking a lot of food with us. I have two coolers to pack and one picnic bag that I picked up at Target over the summer.

I need at least one breakfast choice. We are leaving really early in the morning so we'll eat breakfast on the road. I had the idea to do something fancy, make some kind of egg dish or something. But then I realized that would be more work than it was worth. Plus, it'd just be one more Tupperware container I'd have to pack. So I decided to simplify it. Instead of bringing things I know no one is going to want to eat, I decided to just pack those small boxes of cereal and a half gallon of milk. Not only is this a breakfast item, but it also covers my bases with Owen. He's not a picky eater, but sometimes there's just nothing he can find to eat. But cereal is something he will always eat. You don't need a bowl for them either. You can just pour the milk right into the bag and eat out of that. Easy-peasy. Of course I'll probably also make some of this French toast recipe I found. You put the syrup in the batter so you don't have to deal with the possibility of getting that all over the place. I just thought it would be something different than pop tarts (which I don't think I'll be packing if I can help it at all).

Lunch should be a little easier. I'm going to pack lunchables, since both boys enjoy them. I'm also going to pack some sandwiches. I found this idea on Pinterest that used Hawaiian bread rolls to make sliders. I don't think those would go over too well, so I thought I'd forgo the hamburger and use turkey instead. So it'll be a roll, Colby jack cheese (my favorite!) and turkey. Since D is on a no red meat diet right now (doctors orders) he'll appreciate that more than anyone I think. And Dawn will probably eat them too. She's a sandwich eater if I ever saw one. I'm also packing some of the salad kits I like to eat while we're home for me. And the Chicken and Swiss Rollers we get from the Costco Deli too, everyone eats those.

Dinner we can probably stop at a restaurant. So no issue with that.

I'm also bringing snacks of course. I'm obviously bringing fruit. All of my kids will pick grapes over chips. Not that I don't plan on also packing some chips. Then I plan on bringing celery and peanut butter, some of the Nutella cups that come with the cookie, and probably Rice Krispy Treats. I also intend on bringing those Nature Valley Sweet and Salty bars that I showed on my Instagram not too long ago. They're so good! Owen even liked them. They taste just like a Payday candy bar! I also want to bring some of my chocolate chip cookies. I'm trying to stay away from anything too overly sugary or snacky.

Drinks are going to be Capri Sun's, soda, and Sunny D. I'm also bringing bottled water. I might grab some Gatorades too, I haven't decided on that yet. Depends on how much I can fit in the drink cooler lol.

During a sixteen hour drive I don't want to have sugared up hyper kids who can't control themselves and drive me crazy.

When I go to pack the car, you'll see how I organize everything in the coolers and the bag. But so far this is what we're putting inside the coolers and bag. So there we go.