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December 14, 2016

{Disney Bound | Travel Time| Day 1}

I didn't know if I wanted to blog while I'm also vlogging or not. Until I got to this first hotel and can't sleep. I can never sleep in hotels. Just another reason I prefer traveling in the motorhome. *Sigh*

But anyway, I figured I'd blog about our trip and then post the link to my "vlog". Today I just mainly snapped because pulling out my camera or talking to my phone was awkward. But I think I did a pretty good job of getting it all. I'll do the same tomorrow and then use my camera when we get to Disney. Anyway, on with the blog!

We got on the road at around 7am this morning, which was an hour earlier than we thought we were going to. D didn't want to leave until 8am and it turned out to be a good thing we didn't. We didn't get 20 miles down the road and the check tires light came on in the van. So we had to pull off at a Casey's and D didn't a check. Nothing was wrong with them.

We made good time after that. Stopping once at a rest stop to pee. We also ended up stopping at Metropolis Illinois and checked the giant Superman statue and gift shop. I'm glad I couldn't convince D to make a trip of going there when I wanted to. The town is basically nothing. There's the statue, a few Superman themed things, and a gift shop. That's it. The town is less than extraordinary. But it was fun to see anyway.

After that it was nothing but driving. Driving down the road, avoiding idiots that were also driving on the road.

We drove through Kentucky, which of course prompted me to inform the car that Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys was from Kentucky. They weren't as excited about being in his home state as I was. They're dumb though so what the hell do they know?

Driving through Tennessee was a good time. We drove through the moutains, which I'd done a million times as a kid traveling in the summers with my grandparents. I love the moutains.

We didn't really run into any troubles (except Dawn's headache and slow ass drivers) until we got to our first hotel here in Dalton, Georgia. Apparently booking.com didn't send the hotel we are staying at our reservation information. So they had nothing reserved for us. After about thirty minutes, the booking.com rep D got on the phone, canceled the reservation we made and we just went through the hotel. Which we probably should have done anyway. It was all worked out though because we got a room.

The minute we got in the room, we dropped our bags and headed to Cracker Barrel for some dinner. My advice for anyone road tripping, stick with what you know! A road trip with kids is no time to be trying out new fast food places. If you see a place you know your kids will eat at, stop there. There's nothing worse than stopping at ten different places when you're trying to get to some place on time. Although, that is exactly what my grandpa would end up doing lol. It's not a horrible thing to deal with, but it's certainly not enjoyable on a time frame.

Coming back to the room after dinner D took the boys to the pool while Dawn and I hung out in the room and took showers. I could think of nothing more amazing than washing the travel off of me. So I did. And I'm glad lol.

Now we're sitting here watching UFC. Dawn and Gaige are sleeping. Owen is sitting here next to me. We have to be up by 5:30am to have breakfast and get on the road. So that's going to be fun. Blah. But upside, we only have a seven hour ride tomorrow.

I'm excited to get there!!