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December 26, 2016

{Disney Bound | Magic Kingdom}

Or as I like to call it, the day our Disney trip imploded on us.

Everything started out fine that day. D had decided that we would go to Magic Kingdom later in the day. I tried to tell him that was a bad idea, but he insisted that was what we were doing. So I just let him handle it. He got up with Gaige and went fishing on Ol' Man Island, coming back about 30 minutes later saying that if I still wanted to get to the park for rope drop, we could. The failed fishing trip was just the start of D's annoyances for the day and I think that is what started him off on the wrong foot.

But we got up to the bus in time for a ride to the Kingdom and got there a little after rope drop. I was so excited to be there. Memories of my DisneyLand trip flooded me. I loved that trip so much and I couldn't wait to start meeting characters and soaking up the magic.

The first ride we went on was the Toy Story one. Owen was super excited! D didn't want to stand in line to meet Buzz or Woody at Hollywood Studios so he wanted his picture taken with the statue of Buzz in the line of the ride.

We loved the ride! We wandered around the park, riding different rides, standing in line more than anything else. I tell you what, MK is damn crowded even in the off season. But Owen and I were having a great time! While wandering around looking for things to do we spotted a parade happening! We ran to catch it.

Wandering around some more made our way through Tomorrow Land and Liberty Square. Taking a break to ride the boat.

I thought it was pretty cool. We were going to do the hall of presidents but Gaige wasn't into it. So we made our to Frontier Land which Gaige and Owen were both pretty excited about.

After this, that's where things kind of went a little...off. I have no idea what happened. None. But Gaige got pissed off about something (not bothering to say anything about it to anyone) and while we were standing in line at Pirates of Caribbean walked off and refused to ride. I'd like to say that started the issues but Dawn had been pushing it with us since the day we left (that's another post all on its own though). Anyway, we went on the ride without him.

After that is when the day went super down hill. We headed back to the resort to have lunch and rest for a little while and when we got to the food court, the shit hit the fan.

Gaige had so much attitude it was insane. All he wanted to do was going back to the hotel or swim. That's it. So when I came back to the table after going to the bathroom, Gaige said he's going back to the room. I said whatever. To be honest, if he couldn't suck it up and have fun, then I didn't want him around anyway. So he left, D wasn't happy about it and followed him out the door after he came back to the table and found him gone.

To make a long story short, there was a huge blow up and D started packing his bags to leave. I'll get into the whole reason he reached his boiling point in another post. In the end though, I told him I wasn't leaving and that Owen and I were going back to Magic Kingdom and we were going to enjoy the rest of our vacation. If the three of them wanted to come along, fine, if they wanted to sit in the hotel room and sulk, fine with that too. Didn't care either way, but no one was ruining my vacation and I was gonna be damned if I left that vacation without Owen getting his picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

The rest of the day, Gaige was fine. D sulked a little more than I would have liked since he's an adult, but whatever. I ignored him. Dawn was her usual I hate everything self, I ignored her too.

We ended up meeting Mickey too! Dawn met him too but she was blinking in her picture lol.

We waited an hour and a half to meet that mouse! But it was worth it to see the look at that baby's face when he was walking up to him. He was so excited and so happy. I'd do the whole day over, the whole trip over, to see him that happy again :).

We did the iconic rides, Dumbo, the tea cups, and Haunted Mansion. We also went on Peter Pan and Ariel.

We stayed until almost midnight. I'm glad we did. The castle is so beautiful at night in the winter.

I loved this trip so much! You guys just don't friggin' know!