November 16, 2016

{Disney Bound- The Struggle}

These kids are making me nuts! I am so glad I didn't tell them about our trip when we booked it in August. I'd have canceled it by now just so I didn't have to hear Are we going to Disney today? every single day. Which is exactly what Owen has been asking me since the day after we did our reveal. It's insane!

I put the dates we were leaving and coming back on everyone's phones. Specifically to stop them from asking me how many days we have left, when are we going, and how long are we going to be there? But no, they ask anyway. Owen asks me those exact questions every single morning. Gaige asked me when we're leaving yesterday and Dawn asked today.

You know what I should have done? I should have made a count down calendar. Of course, they'd probably still ask me the same questions.

I'm so glad they're excited! But the constant questions are driving me bonkers.

Not only are they asking the questions but they're jumping the gun with their packing. Gaige told me the day after the reveal that he already has his bag packed. What? No. Chances are there's not enough clothes in there and they're not what I would want to be seen with him in lol. Friday Owen packed his bag and stuffed it full of stuffed animals (which he doesn't even play with), his DS, and a charger. He was so annoyed with me when I told him we're not taking all those toys. Lets not even touch on the fact that he had zero clothes packed. Clearly he is not old enough to pack himself yet. I can also almost bet that Gaige is not old enough to pack himself either lol. Dawn also told me this morning that she took her duffle to school for her gym clothes and she hasn't brought it home. I'm almost positive she is angling for a new suitcase, but I told her she can use a grocery bag if she doesn't bring home her duffle in time lol.

These kids will most likely be the death of me folks. And if they're not they will most certainly give me grey hair before we even get on the road for this trip.