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May 2, 2016

{End of the Year Field Trip Day!}

Lord almighty why do I keep volunteering to go on the bus during field trips with this kid?! I hate it. It's worse than actually being at the place they choose to go. Sitting there with 50 yelling, bouncing, taking too damn loud 8yr olds is not a good time people! I do not recommend it!

Me, Owen, and a kid in our group.
Today I went on Owen's field trip to the Children's Museum. I'd never been there before. I probably won't go back.

We left the school around 850am. I am normally fine on buses. This lady, however, had zero idea what she was doing. She should have never been allowed to take kids anywhere let alone to a city that doesn't have the best reputation. We hadn't even been gone 15 minutes and she almost side swiped someone! Yeah! You read that right. Then she took us through one of the parts of the city there is. I don't even like driving through there in my car, let alone in a huge bus with 50 kids. It was also obvious she had no idea where she was actually going once we got to our destination because she made a wrong turn and then attempted to drop us off at a building all the way across the parking lot. What? Yes. That happened. She was obviously cray-cray people!

The museum itself wasn't that wonderful either. We seemed to start out in the toddler section and my group of boys (Owen and two others) were whining within minutes that they were bored. It was super cute! But definitely not for second graders.

The upstairs was a little better. They all three ran around like devil children while I hung out and watched. The most exciting thing for them was this little chicken coop thing you could climb in. There was also a little sand room. The sand was that kinetic sand (Owen got some for Christmas, he plays with it all the time!) and it was a huge hit! By far the most I'd seen them all three in one space for more than 10 minutes. Another hit were the vacuums right outside the sand area lol. I don't understand why they were so exciting but they were.


Then we headed out to the big playground outside. I was wishing instantly I'd grabbed my hoodie but no one was told we'd be outside for longer than walking to and from the building. Luckily all the kids in our class had jackets or long sleeves at least. They ran around again acting like crazy devil children.

We were back at the school around 1230pm. It didn't even last all day. I don't think I've ever gone a field trip that didn't last the whole day. Not that you could make a whole day out of that place. You know, it kind of reminded me a lot of Magic House in St. Louis except with less stuff to do lol.