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May 26, 2016

{High School Bound!}

What on earth? How do I have a high schooler?! I've been giving it a lot of thought and I've decided no one can get any older...including myself. It's really starting to freak me out! It's insane to believe that in four years I will be attending a high school graduation. I'm just not ready for this. I'm supposed to teach another human being how to be a productive member of society (as I sit here in my PJ pants and a t-shirt). In four years I'm going to push my kid out of the nest and into the world and hope to God they don't send her back lol. Ugh.

Last night me, D, and D's dad went to Dawn's 8th grade graduation (or promotion as they call it here). It was about 80 degrees in the high school gym where the Jr. High decided to have it. Luckily they had only let the kids have four tickets per house (and even infants needed one) so it wasn't over crowded or anything.

I took video and some pictures of course. These were taken with my phone so they're not the most amazing quality. But they'll do.

Walking in.

Receiving her diploma.

Nothing terribly eventful happened. We didn't go out for dinner or anything because we had already celebrated her graduation on the same night as her birthday dinner. We just went back home.

Where I took some more pictures lol.

I have one of her and D on the porch but stupid me didn't notice my house number was in the back. So I can't post it lol.

So there we have it folks. I've got a high schooler. I'm gonna die now.

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