May 25, 2016

{So Long School Year!}

I'd like to say I'll miss you but I won't. I'm so looking forward to waking up in the morning when I feel the need to wake up. Doing things I want to do without a time restriction on when I need to be back. I can't wait to not have someone else's plans dictating what I do. It'll be amazing!

Yesterday I met Owens class at the school to walk to a local ice cream place. They do this every year, this is the first time I've gone though. I'm not quite sure why. Can I just say that I love it when he sees that I've shown up to something at school? His eyes light up and he wants to be next to me the whole time. I live for those moments. I got that look yesterday when he stepped out the doors of the school and saw me standing there waiting for him. His teacher turned around and said See mom's here! So he must have been stressing that I wouldn't be there on time or something.

We walked to the ice cream place, all three second grade classes at his school. That's an experience. Upside, I got a ton of steps and weight watchers fitpoints lol.

The kids sat and at their ice cream pretty nicely. It was actually mostly painless. With that many kids you can never be sure. Of course I snapped some pictures and a couple videos while I was there.

On our walk back to the school Owen took a tumble when he went running and slid across some loose gravel. He was so embarrassed and upset. He cried all the way back to the school. He just kept saying I want to go home with you. I couldn't take him yet though so he was upset about that too. He was fine by the time I had to walk away though and I picked up about 45 minutes later (half day).

But we are free now!

Check back tomorrow for my post on Dawn's 8th grade graduation!

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