May 18, 2016

{14 Years Ago Today}

Look at that chubby baby! This is the oldest picture I have of Dawn. I think she was around five months here, but obviously I wouldn't know because that's not me holding her. I wasn't there.

Now this is the kid I was introduced to. She had just turned two.

And this is her now. How is that even possible?! When did she grow up? I guess somewhere between teaching her to drink out of a cup without a lid and giving her a lesson in how to behave like a lady (which she doesn't care one iota about).

She's going to High School next year. I'm not ready to be the mother a freshman, but I guess there's no stopping her right? She's growing up. In four short years she will be out on her own. I'm really hoping that she remembers at least some of things I've taught her about life. Lord knows teaching it has been one brick wall after another. She has to be the most stubborn kid I've ever met in my life. Maybe that'll work in her favor. I have no idea.

Either way, she's growing up and it's coming to that point when you have to pray that you taught them enough and that they have a good head on their shoulders and let them make their own mistakes.

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