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May 21, 2016

{Not That Kind of Mom Blog}

You know what I'd like to know? When the hell did being a mom get so damn glamorous? I sit here wanting to find other mom blogs to read (partly to get my blog some more traffic and partly to find someone to relate to) and I swear I'm having the hardest time. I know I've bitched about this before. I'm just so annoyed by it.

I honestly feel like my blog has stayed pretty much the same over the years. I don't write about things for views. I write about what's happening in my life. I talk about how annoying my kids are. How my husband makes me want to rip out my hair right along side loving him to death.

All these mom blogs I see seem to find have these perfect lives and never have any problems. How is that even possible? I'm not a perfect mom. Gaige walked right out the front door this morning without lunch. Why? Because my husband worked over and I wasn't awake to make sure he was up and gone with all his stuff. Here's a shocker, I don't get up with the older two. My husband gets home around the time Gaige is supposed to be getting up so he handles that. He wakes me up at 8am because Owen doesn't have to be there until after 8:26am. I'm sorry, I don't want to get up any earlier than I have to. Actually, I'm not sorry. I took Gaige McDonald's for lunch because he forgot his too. *Gasp* Yeah, my kids get McDonald's pretty much whenever.

My house is a mess basically on a daily basis. I attempt to keep on top of it, but I don't succeed. I just cleaned the whole place top to bottom on Sunday and it's a friggin' disaster again. It honestly looks like a tornado hit it sometimes. And I'm not too worried about it. There are also parts of my house that still aren't finished. Why? Because we don't have the damn money or the time to get it done. We'd rather spend our money and time doing stuff together than putting down new floors. I'm not too worried about it. Would I like for my house to be done? Hell yes! Do I want a pinterest house? What woman doesn't?! But it's not happening any time soon so I'm not going to stress about it. These women with the perfectly clean houses and uncluttered kitchen tables, I don't understand it. Right now there are picture frames, a lunch box (a back up that Owen left there), laptop, nail painting supplies, and a cat (drinking out of a cup..) on my kitchen table. It's probably sticky and I can see Owens Ninja Turtle pillow pet light on one of the benches..it's probably been there a week or more. I don't care.

Here's another shocker for you, I don't make gourmet meals for my kids every night. Sometimes they get fish sticks and green beans (which the boys refuse to eat) and they're fine with that. Sometimes I make something they don't like and they end up eating cereal for dinner! Guess what? So did I when I was a kid! I'm alive (barely at this point..but still).

And what the hell is with the moms all done up and shit in all their posts? Are you trying to tell me you do your hair and makeup and put on a damn bra every single day? No thank you ma'am! That is just not for me. Oh I used to do that. I used to get up and do my hair and make up and put on real clothes. I don't do that now. I have no desire to be beautiful while folding mountains of laundry (that is most likely going through it's second time in the washer). In fact..this is me right now..

Yeah. That's a t-shirt my hair is wrapped in. Why a t-shirt? Because I went to grab a towel after my shower and realized there weren't any clean. Next best thing was the t-shirt I was wearing. Works just as well. I have no makeup on. I'm in Minnie Mouse PJ pants, that's not even my shirt I'm wearing! I couldn't find a shirt so I grabbed one of D's! I give zero fucks. Who am I trying to be pretty for? D is snoring. He doesn't care what I look like when he's sleeping. I'll put jeans and a bra on to go get the kids. I'll even throw my hair up in a ponytail. I don't need to be pretty for that either. I'm not trying to impress anyone.

See? I'm not the perfect mom. But I try. I try to be fun and present and not want to throw myself in front of moving vehicles because my kids won't stop arguing about stupid shit. I try. So lets stop being fake mom bloggers. Show the real you in your posts.

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