May 16, 2016

{The Weekends Festivities}

Holy crap I actually got out of the house this weekend and did something that didn't involve grocery shopping! Is this real life?

Friday was my birthday! I am officially 33 years old. I just can't with that information right now. I woke up semi early so D and I went to an early movie! We saw The Boss (pretty funny). We had the whole theater to ourselves! That hasn't happened in a long time. I enjoyed it. We didn't have to be considerate of other people or feel dumb for laughing if other people didn't lol. Which I do if there's a big crowd in there. After the movie we got Sonic for lunch. I love Sonic. Then it was home.

Owen informed me on the way to school that morning that he expected a cake for my birthday lol. So after I are lunch I went ahead and baked a cake. I tried making my own frosting but it just was not working out. It wasn't as bad as it usually is though. Every time I try to make my own I am reminded why I just buy it from the store. For Dawn's cupcakes and the baby shower I'm going to next month, I am totally just going buy it. Blah. The kids must have liked it though because it's almost gone.

Friday evening we went to dinner at Famous Dave's for my birthday. We bought the kids pizza and they hung out at home though and watched movies. Dinner was so good! My brothers and my sister were there. My grandma also came. It was nothing fancy or huge. I was just glad to get to spend time with them. I never see my brothers anymore. I see my sister all the time lol. They of course embarrassed me by letting the waitress know it was my birthday and I hate them for it lol. I believe my sister has a video somewhere lol. Losers. After dinner my sister, brother, and I  (along with our significant others) went to a couple bars. I don't drink though so really it was just to hang out. It was enjoyable! It would have been even more enjoyable had it not been freezing. Ugh. That was rough. We were home by 11pm lol. We are getting so damn old.

 Saturday I picked up my sister to go shopping for a dress for Dawn's 8th grade graduation. We had Dawn and Owen with us. It turned out to be a pretty good day. We did end up finding her a cute dress from Target, a belt from Platos Closet, and shoes from TJ Maxx. We also had lunch twice lol. It was a good time!

I ended up spending $27 on the dress (with tax), $2 on a belt, and $6 on her shoes. So I think we did pretty good.

Sunday it was back to that mom life though. Cleaning and all that jazz. Super exciting! I did manage to get everything done that I needed to though. So the kids won't be going to school in questionably clean attire for their last week lol.

The kids only have a week and two days left of school. I am so not ready for their summer to start. But I'm super ready for December to be here!!