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May 9, 2016

{Tree Killing Party!}

My grandparents have lived in their house since November of '89 and for that entire time there have been a ridiculous amount of trees in their yard. So many that as kids we could build forts in them lol. She was always protective of them and would get so mad if anyone even looked at them crooked. There was zero chance you would see anyone climbing those trees. Playing around them, yes, climbing or pulling leaves off, absolutely not.

So when she sent out a mass text that she was having my uncle take down a bunch of them, I was pretty surprised. But it was happening. She explained how they were dead and she was afraid the limbs would fall on the kids. There had also been a big ice storm here and it had made a lot of the branches weak. So my uncle rented a lift and everyone gathered at her house over the weekend to get it taken care of.

Of course no work could be done without beer (we are country folk after all!) and this proved to make the whole process that much more entertaining lol.

I decided to document the whole event.

This is a great picture of how the whole day went down. Lots of supervisors out there lol.
And then this describes my family lol. My cousin and my uncle. My cousin was constantly trying to get in my shots. Such a huge pain in the ass lol!

And then this is where things got a little hairy. My uncle took my other cousin up on the roof. He was supposed to catch the limbs hanging over the garage so it didn't hit the roof and destroy it. Didn't work out so well to be honest.

I want you to note all the wonderful smartass comments coming from the ground in that video lol.

They got most of it handled before it got dark though.

They ended up coming back the next morning and finishing it all. That's a lot of firewood folks! I'm sure my grandma will have no trouble getting rid of it in bonfire country though!