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May 4, 2016

{He's Usually So Good With Gifts!}

D and I have been together 12 years next month. He has always, since we first got together, been very good at gifts. He has always given me either cash or jewelry or something I've said I wanted.

This year though, oh man.

I'd been dropping hints at wanting a Michael Kors bag I saw at Ross for a while. I'd been wanting one for a long time, possibly years. I love them! But I couldn't see spending that much on myself on some random day. So I took a picture of the one I saw at Ross and sent it to D telling him I'd love to have it.

I honestly was expecting to get it or an e-reader (which is another thing I've been wanting for a while).

So when D left with the kids to run some errands and came back saying he got my birthday gift and did I want it now..I said yes! Of course I did!

Imagine my shock when he presented me with a bluetooth speaker.

Of all the things he could have bought me, why he chose a bluetooth speaker was beyond me. I tried so hard not to let him know I was disappointed. I was raised to grateful for all gifts. The speech my dad would give us every year driving out to my grandparents house at Christmas always rings in my head when someone gives me a gift

Say thank you. Even if you don't like it say thank you. If you already have it say thank you and we can return it later. 

So I said thanks babe and opened it and checked it out. I tried to not let on that it wasn't what I was expecting. I guess I didn't do very well. He kept asking me if I liked it. Saying I just couldn't see spending that much on a purse. I couldn't understand where he got the idea for a bluetooth speaker in the first place. But I was going to suck it up and use it and be grateful for what he'd given me.

Then a couple days later he asks how much money I have left from the grocery shopping, I tell him.

Why don't you just go buy that purse you want? Since it's what you wanted anyway.

So I did lol. We went to Ross right then and picked it up.

It's a Michael Kors jet set travel tote. The inside is huge. I'm in love with it!

I love it that my husband wants to make me happy. I would have been just fine with the bluetooth speaker being my only gift. As much as I wasn't expecting it.

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