May 8, 2016

{Happy Mothers Day!}

I hope everyone had a great day!
To be totally honest there was nothing super exciting about mine. D got up this morning and went to his grandmas house. I got up and took a shower and then went to my grandparents house. Usually everyone goes there on holidays but I guess everyone had their fill after cutting down the trees. My mom came over while I was there, and my sister before me, my brother and niece also showed up after I got there.
We all sat around talking about random stuff. I was hoping some more people might show up. But I'm not surprised they didn't.
I took the kids to Subway (at Owen's request) on our way home. Did some laundry. And as I'm writing this I'm sitting here watching Ghost Whisperer.
Super exciting day I tell you.
Upside, D got me a smoothie maker! I thought it'd be a good way to get my fruits in and give me something to drink after my walk in the morning.
Oddly enough there were no cards or anything from the kids. Owen stayed home on Friday so whatever he made is there. I'll get it tomorrow. I'm really sad that the other two don't make stuff like that for me anymore. I miss it.
How did you spend your mother's day?