May 19, 2016

{Birthday Fun! Dawn Edition}

Yep! It was Dawn's birthday Wednesday and we celebrated at Chili's. Her choice (I keep saying that because everyone assumes I chose it since I always wanted to eat there lol).

We started our partying with me bringing in the cupcakes I made to her school. Which sat in the office for 15min because no one called her up to get them. Which annoys me because I told them who's class she was in and everything. Whatever. She said they were a hit and everyone loved them, so that's all that matters really.

Remind me never to try a new cupcake recipe on a birthday again.

Dinner time was Chili's. We just invited the grandparents because everyone else works. No one wants to go out to dinner on a Wednesday night. It was the five of us, my grandma, D's grandma, aunt, and Tristen, then D's dad also. His step mom decided not to come and my mom was buying a new tub or something so she wasn't there either. Whatever. Their loss we had good food.

My grandma got Dawn a ring with her birth stone  in it. I think I might have to start giving her the same lecture my dad gave us about gifts.

Always say thank you. Even if you don't like it. Never tell someone you already have something. Don't tell them what you don't like about it. Be respectful or I'll beat your ass. Maybe I'll leave out the beat your ass part.

She started complaining that it was too small (it's not) and being a general turd about not wanting to push it past her knuckle to take a picture. I was annoyed right away. I don't know why she would think it's OK to behave that way. I know I never let her get by with it so it's not like she thinks is acceptable. Maybe she just doesn't have a filter. I don't know.

My grandma also got her some body wash that smells like sweet pea (a scent I loved at her age), some new flip flops, a super cute purse, a book, and a double book light.

D's grandma gave her a card with $50 in it which will be good for Saturday when my sister and I take her shopping.

Of course we had them sing happy birthday and announce to the restaurant that it was her birthday. That was the video at the beginning of the post lol.

I think it was a pretty good time as far as birthdays go. D's dad insists on taking her shopping for a gift (I think he thinks we will spend her money or something..) and we are giving her money on Saturday.

So there we have it. The start of another year.