December 12, 2014

{We Found Donnie!!}

I don't remember tmnt toys being so hard to come by last year. I guess the release of the new movie made everyone a little turtle crazy.
Owen picked out some tmnt action figures at Toys R Us the other day and they only had 2 (mike and raph) so that's what we bought. I have been on the hunt for the other 2 ever since. And yesterday we finally found another one at Target. Donnie of course! Now all we need is Leo and he should be set :).

That being said the other 2 are pretty much done also. I have to do Gaiges stocking. But since he asked for money this year I wanted to pick him up some little things for under the tree. He is gonna love everything we got him :). Dawn has been done for a while now.
Christmas will be easier when they can all tell me exactly what they want. As it is none of them ever know what to ask for. When they have kids they'll know how annoying that is.
So that is happening here. How is the shopping going for everyone else?