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December 27, 2014

{Merry Christmas!!}

I hope that everyone had an amazing day!

Our day was pretty chill around here. Nothing too exciting happened but it was still decently eventful.

During the day on Christmas Eve Gaige and I went to run a few errands. I picked up  a few gifts for D because I hadn't shopped for him at all yet. And we picked up Costco memberships for my grandma and D's.  Then it was back home to wrap them and get ready for our Christmas Eve at D's grandma's house.

We left there around 4-5pm I think and stopped at McDonalds to grab a quick dinner. I have no idea why she didn't have food. She almost always feeds us lol. But D's uncles kids were there before us and if there was any food made, it probably got eaten. They come with an army lol. Then we went home to eat and open our Christmas Eve boxes.

I'm aware that pictures of Dawn are missing. True my word, she did not get her Christmas Eve box. Drastic? Maybe. Worth it? Possibly. She now knows we weren't kidding about her behavior being ridiculous and her not getting to keep anything she got.

After that we popped popcorn and watched the boys' movies. Owen got The Flight Before Christmas and Gaige got Ernest Saves Christmas. We watched both. I liked them both. I've seen Ernest movies a million times! Hilarious!

Then it was bedtime. Which means it took them 3 more hours to actually fall asleep. I did not wait until they were totally asleep before I put the stuff out. I had no desire to stay up until 3am last night.

And Santa ate the cookies (the apples was for the reindeer lol)

I did not drink the milk *gag*.

And then the next morning came far too quickly.

Gaige came into my room around 7:30 and told me it was Christmas. I said "uh huh" and turned over lol. Which is funny because that's what my dad would say when we were kids. About 5 minutes later I woke up D and we joined our heathens in the living room.

They opened stockings first.

And then Gaige handed out the gifts.

We ended the morning with breakfast and then around noon it was off to my grandmas for Christmas with her.

I didn't take pictures there. It was a pretty...different Christmas day at her house. Everyone was kind of sad. But it was a good time for the most part.

So yeah, that was our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We went to my moms the day after Christmas but I'll make another post about that. And we also have Christmas with my dad on January 3rd too. So more Christmas pictures to come!

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