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December 24, 2014

{Merry Christmas Eve!}

I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve. Where has this year gone? I have to say though I'm so ready for this year to be gone. It's been nothing but drama and heart ache for me and my family and I'm completely over it (the year not the heart ache). 2015 has got to be better! I am willing it to be better! lol

We are done Christmas shopping. Except for D's grandma and mine. We don't know what to get my grandma honestly. The one thing I'm sure she would like, is something I can't give her (I know because I want it to). We're probably going to stick with our original idea of a Costco membership. Which is fine. She'll use it. She likes to buy things in bulk to save time (and sometimes money). Then she won't have to go with me, she can go on her own if she chooses to.

The kids are done though. Gaige and I just went to wal-mart yesterday and got him a couple more things for his stocking to fill it out. He wanted a new tooth brush and we found a battery pack for his tablet. Which I'm sure will come in handy. The other two are very much done though. I know I've given the list once but since we're officially done now, I thought I'd go ahead final one :). For those last minute shoppers, you never know when you're going to see something and think "Oh my gosh that'd be perfect for.." ;)

(under the tree)
My first rifle
Gun case
Zombie Ammo case
Gun Cleaning kit
$25 gift card
Body wash
Face Scrub
Silly putty
Silver coins (him and D collect them)
Gun strap
Ear Buds
Tooth brush
Power Pack
Chocolate coins
Chocolate bar
Chocolate kisses

I am aware that his under the tree stuff is lacking. The gun was really expensive and all he really asked for was cash anyway. So we chose to over stuff the stocking a little bit.

(under the tree)
Light up turtle mask
Turtle mask book
Mine craft sword
Nerf gun
4 11" turtles
Fart gun
Baymax guy
Headset for the xbox
Turtle maker (play doh)
TMNT Scrabble Jr.
Play doh
Random turtle toy
Turtle book
Turtle watch
Chocolate coins
Plastic weapons (the cheapo ones lol)
Dragon Egg
Chocolate bar
Chocolate kisses

Now, Dawn is a little tricky this year. We've decided to withhold her gifts. I know! It really sucks. I was so looking forward to her getting the stuff I bought. I couldn't wait to see her open that purse! But with the way she has been acting the last few months, I can't reward with her gifts. I just can't. D and I are at our wits end with her. We don't know what else to do. We're hoping that knowing none of the gifts under the tree are for her, that she'll start straighten up and fly right. I mean, we've been warning her since October that if she didn't knock it off she wasn't getting Christmas gifts. But all she says is "So!" and then the other day she had the nerve to say to me (get this!) "Even if I don't get presents on Christmas I'll still get my Christmas Eve box." Which I was still going to give her. But instead, she won't be getting that either. I don't know what happened with her to make her feel like she's so entitled to everything. We certainly didn't raise her to be that way. So yeah. That's what's going on with that. But here is the list of stuff she was going to get.

(under the tree)
4 shirts
4 pairs of jeans
Betsy Johnson bag
Flat iron
Monstertail Loom
Some more bracelet making kits
Wallet (to match the bag)
Lip balm
2 bottles of B&BW lotion
B&BW Wallflower and 2 bulbs
Makeup brushes

She was going to make out like a friggin bandit so I don't know what is going through her head to make her believe she should behave this way. But I can't condone it. And it sucks! We had the same problem last year and she got a letter from Santa. I guess we'll see how this plays out.

Are you done Christmas shopping for your family? What are they getting? Did you go over board this year?
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