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December 14, 2014

{Boring Life = Boring Blog}

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. Even though I have no idea how many people are actually reading it lol. But I'm sure anyone who has lost someone close to them they understand. There just hasn't been that much to write about. I'd had every intention of doing blogmas this year but with pawpaw passing (oh my god that cuts like a knife) I haven't been in the Christmas Spirit. Which is sad because he wouldn't have wanted me to be like this. Not because of him. So I'm gonna attempt to get to doing some real blogging and not just about how sad I am.

Anyway- I had to run some errands today. The bottom strand of my lights went out weeks ago and its starting to look a little sad all dark on the bottom half. So to Target I went to find some more and make her pretty again :). Of course this meant I had to pretty much redecorate that whole part. That was super fun lol. But the OCD in me made it even worse on myself. Since I'm missing the top layer of branches (no idea where they would be at all) I just pulled all they decor off and moved all the layers up one lol. D insists I did this last year too. But I doubt it. I don't remember them missing when my grandma and I took it down from where it was standing in her storage shed. But whatever. I'll have go leave a note to myself for next year that I did that lol. So here is the finished product :)
 I am aware its still a little dark on the bottom. At this point I don't care lol.

For those that might be interested in my tree height. Its 10ft. But I also have it up on a stand because the bottom branches touch the floor if I don't. Here is a comparison. (I'm 5'7")
Excuse the no tree skirt. It had something on it and I had to wash it. I think I'll get a new one next year. And the bottom branches weren't fluffed either.
After Target I went to Ulta and Ross but I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. I know. Crazy right? Lol

And now we are eating pizza and waiting for Gaige to get home.

See? Exciting right? Lol

I can't believe that Christmas is so friggin close! Who else is excited to watch their kids faces Christmas morning?