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December 20, 2014

{3 Days to Christmas!!}

Well 3 days til the day before Christmas Eve.
At this point I have been hurrying to get my house presentable enough to take pictures Christmas morning. Which means I clean and clean some more every single day. Yet, my house still looks like a bomb exploded. Why is that?
We are done Christmas shopping other than for grandparents. I'm so glad. I hate last minute shopping. D said last night that we could go this weekend and spend a little more on them if I want, but to be honest, they are all getting what they wanted. I might go beef up Gaiges under the tree stuff. He just wanted money though so that kind of makes it even harder than usual to shop for him. But he's getting that rifle so I don't think he'll pay much attention to anything but that lol.

I finally went today and switched the title for the motorhome over to my name. I got the plates and everything. I can't wait to have Dave get in there and fix it up. My grandpa kept saying how he wished he could take my kids on a trip in it. So it's up to us now to do that. We are hoping to have everything done by next summer (2016) so we can take it to Disney. Or that's what I hope lol. I don't know If D has the same vision. He has just never traveled like I have lol. He doesn't know what he's missing. Once he does it, he'll see how amazing it is :).
I don't have much else to post about. I'm sitting in a store parking lot right now waiting for a lady to show up so she can buy a phone my sister sold her lol.
So I'll be back to update later I suppose. How are your Christmas plans going so far? Are you done shopping?