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December 28, 2014

{Christmas with my mom}

Hello all! I figured before I totally forget and its the middle of July I should post about the other Christmas fun we had :). On the 26th my mom had Christmas at her house. My 1 brother and my grandma were the only ones that made it. My sister got sick along with my nephew and my other brother was in Chicago. It was a pretty good time. We had spaghetti and then my brother set up the ps4 my mom bought her husband. She got the kids some new clothes :). Something they all needed pretty bad. And she got Owen a ninja turtle winter hat and gloves which were definitely the right thing to buy lol. She gave her kids money ;). It was nice to sit and talk with her for a while. I don't usually get to. She doesn't live that from me but I hate the town she lives in. I avoid it most of the time. Anyway, here are some pictures of the fun that was had that day :).

We did a white elephant (or Chinese auction) gift exchange. I needed up with a picture frame my brother and his girlfriend brought lol. I brought some hanging strawberry planter that is a lot like those tomato ones. Dawn got it from my grandma like 2yrs ago and its been sitting in her closet ever since. Then it sat on my table for a month. So away it went. Last year I brought mismatched socks lol. My grandpa ended up with them and he used them at the shop for rags lol.

It was a good time. Until I started feeling funky when we were about to leave. Blah. Owen and I are both sick now. I don't know what happened.