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December 22, 2014

{I need a bigger house or Less junk!}

I would honestly take either option at this point. I am so tired of stepping over things and stubbing my toe on things in the middle of the night. I try to clean but when you don't have a whole lot of places to put things you're kind of limited.
When the people you live with use every crack and crevice of your home as a storage space, it's even harder to keep things organized. So I'm on a mission to get rid of things. I've been slowly selling off American Girl things but it seems to have slowed quite a bit. I have a little left to sell though. I'm going through my closet to rid myself of things I don't need as well. I'm hoping someone picks them up.

Tonight Gaige and I moved my mirrored closet doors to the front porch. We took them off my bedroom closet ( a little too 1970's for me) over the summer. They've been standing against my bedroom wall since then. I kept telling D to get rid of them but there they stood. So now they'll stand on my front porch I guess lol. I kind of wish the hoarders were still across the street so they could see them and take them lol.
I'm on a mission here people! I will have this house the way I want it by next Christmas.
Is there an area of your house you know needs cleaned out but you haven't gotten around to doing it?