December 8, 2014

{Christmas Songs!}

Tonight was Owens Christmas program at school. I know what you're thinking, "you've just lost someone you love dearly, why would you even attempt to go to something like this?" The answer is simple. My grandpa would have been so upset with us had I not gone. He would have never let us skip something for the kids because of him, never. And so I refused to skip it tonight. I'm glad I went. I cried a little, as the seat next to my grandma was empty. The seat he would have been sitting in. And his presence was missed at Steak 'N Shake after (it's tradition). But we powered through the hurt and the tears and it was a good night :).

Owen refused to sing lol. He just stood up on stage mean mugging D lol. I thought it was hilarious. Last year he was all about singing. But tonight, not so much. He also wasn't all about Steak 'N Shake. He only had a milk shake. Which is fine. I don't care. I'm not one of those moms that worried about they eat every minute of the day. I've got a life outside of food lol. I stopped and got him Subway instead. He seemed happy with that and I didn't care one or the other. He sure was cute though :).

My brother and sister in law came with my niece. Along with my mom, D's dad, my grandma, and my nephew. It was quite the turn out.

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