October 1, 2009

{What's cookin' Good lookin'?}

I am one of those mothers that does whatever meal is quick and easy. If it comes out to be something fabulous with great nutritional value, fab. If not, I shall survive. I don't let it eat at me if my kids don't get a veggie or if they choose to eat PB&J over meatloaf (especially mine which always comes out wrong). As long as they eat something (with the exception of just potato chips..which they would love). Anyway- so tonight is no different. I went for the quick and (semi) easy. A dish my grandmother made when we ran out of pretty much everything else lol. It quickly became a favorite in our house (if only because of the sausage *ha*).

(please excuse my ridiculous stove...we rent.)

Fried Potatoes with Summer Sausage and Green Beans. *drools* Doesn't it look delicious?! I can smell it cooking as we speak and I tell you ladies it's all I can do not to jump up and eat it out of the pan. I just keep repeating to myself that that would burn o_o. I can't wait to fill my plate with this yummy dish! You should all try it (if you haven't already)!

I had Bugs 2yr check up today *holds back the tears*. I can not believe that my little man is going to 2 years old on Saturday. It's awesome and sad all at the same time. Filling out the form they have you do almost killed me. I had to face up to the fact that he can, in fact, do a ton of things. He can kick balls and pretend a cup is a phone. He can name his body parts and he speaks actual words that others can understand. I don't know where the time went but it sure didn't waste any...time...taking my baby from me. Annoying. Someone should figure out how to stop this so called "aging process". Blah. OK, I'm off track; Bug is now 25lb. 15oz (25th %) and 32in. (40th %). She said he acts like a normal 2yr old (harsh, I know). His birthday party is next Wednesday at Chuck-E-Cheese. Can't wait to post those pics!

And before I go, the drama queen is making me crazy! She has gotten in trouble at school 4 days in a row. I already took Halloween from her. It probably won't hold up though because D seems to think that you can't take things away from her and actually make it stand. You have to just slap her on the hand and be done. I know damn good and well that's exactly what she's thinking too. "Daddy is going to let me do whatever I want." She doesn't care about any punishments because her dad always come home and wants to give her whatever I've taken from her. I swear if he buys her a Halloween costume, I'm throwing it in the garbage. I told her she's not having tv, toys, outside, NOTHING if she got a bad note again today. Well obviously she came home with one. So she has been in her room since she got home. Her dad just gave her everything back. And the worst part? He rented a kids movie for the family to watch (normally would be super nice of him), and decided that he would reward her for ridiculous behavior by letting her watch the movie. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?! I am PISSED.