October 6, 2009

{Pretty Random}

 Who (besides me) is excited about the new season of GND? Don't lie girls. You know that you can't help but watch. Over the last 5 seasons we (the fans) fell in love with Holly (Madison), Bridget (Marquardt), and Kendra (Wilkinson). But they've gone now *tear*, Holly is doing PeepShow in Vegas, Bridget got a show on the Travel Channel, and Kendra is married with a baby bump. And so Hef has moved on to 3 new girls, Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris. I am not a fan of the twins, but I wasn't a fan of Kendra either. I think they are her times 2 to tell you the truth. Crystal I enjoy; I think she's pretty and she make a great new Holly ;-). Crystal is Hef's #1 girl. Love her. Anyway- I just had to share that. You should all tune in on Sunday (this Sunday) at 10pm and watch! Woohoo! I'm excited to see how things have changed..I'm really excited to see the other girls make appearances since there have been rumors that the original 3 don't like the new 3. We shall see I suppose.

On to other things. The lovely lady who had my Thumbelina for 15mo. (long story) has become like an aunt to all of us. She recently sent Boss Hogg a new coat for winter (yes, I'm that chihuahua mommy). Check it out! It's really soft and the best part is it's a wrap so that Boss doesn't have to stand still for me to get a coat on him. I just wrap him and go. Lovely.

It's amazing that he sat still long enough for me to snap this pic. No joke.

Tomorrow is Bugs birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. I'm excited about it, and a little nervous too. We don't expect a big turn out because of the day and time. But Whatever right? I'll be there and so will his dad and his siblings. In the end that's really all that matters. So boo. Just be expecting a ton of pics! Woohoo!

Alrighty- I better go. I've got a ton of stuff I need to do. Later girls!