October 20, 2009

{I'm still here}

Oh man, I can't believe that I haven't blogged since last Thursday. I haven't even been that busy lol. I guess I just can't come up with anything interesting to blog about these days. But lord knows I'll never stop completely lol. I'm addicted (don't look at me that way you know you are too!).

So Friday night my grandmother gave me a call to inform me that G was sick. He had complained of an upset tummy that morning but he is just like me when it comes to school, he doesn't want to get up in the morning and go (who does?). So I told him he had to go to school and if he was still sick when he got there to tell his teacher. The school never called so I assumed he was fine. Anyway- all weekend I was getting reports of 103 temps and coughs. Finally on Sunday he got a serious bloody nose (he does that sometimes at their house because it's so dry there). I called his doctor on Monday and she wanted to see him. Turns out the poor kid has Influenza A (which contains pig flu..lovely). So he is out of school for the week. The drama queen is also sick with the same thing I'm guessing. D refuses to make an appointment for her or tell me who to make an appointment with. *Ugh* But yeah- so they are both sick. Luckily Bug already had whatever they have and is over it, same with D. We're thinking Bug got it first (how I wouldn't know). Little booger.

Other than that things have been pretty quiet. Nothing too exciting (or fun). I do have a couple movie reviews for you though :). Here we go!

Hilarious!! Oh my gosh! The beginning has a very Devil Wears Prada feel to it and she was def. channeling her inner Meryl Streep. I thought Ryan Reynolds was super f'ing hot! But who doesn't love him right? I think if you are a fan of either 2 actors you should see this movie, but even if you're not..see it anyway :).

Next up is...

Totally creepy and disgusting but def. worth the money to rent it. The main character; Christine Brown, also plays Astrid in White Oleander. A movie I love. Anyway- if you like creepy movies with a twist, see it.

Alrighty- I guess that's about it. I shall blog again soon my dears!