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October 14, 2009

{In the Spirit of the Season}

I know that Halloween is still 2 weeks away, but after the conversation I just had with D's BFF I think this post is fitting.

I believe in ghosts. My house is haunted. I'm not kidding. Stop laughing at me! An example? OK, how about this; a year ago I had all 3 kids in bed fast asleep. I thought hells yeah I'll take a nice long hot bath and relax before bed. D was snoring away on the couch, I wouldn't be interrupted. So there I am, sitting in the bathtub reading my book, when I hear someone walk up and down my hall. I said, "Honey?" Thinking D had gotten up. I went on about my business in the tub and was in there for about another 10-15min. When I got out of the tub I checked on the 3 kids- still sleeping- I checked on D- still snoring. No one was up in the house but me. The dogs were even sawing logs. So tell me who walked up and down my hall?

We used to get a lot more odd things happen, but then we got this dude..
Mr. Bigglesworth (aka Mr. Big aka Big)

D says that cats ward off spirits/ghosts. I guess it's true. I know it sounds weird. But it's true. It's not my first experience with a ghost either.

The above is a picture of my grandpa and G (my sister too lol) when he was just bitty. He died in '05. One night shortly after he died I was in our bedroom getting ready for sleep, D was on the other side of the house in the bathroom. I heard a male voice say, "Kristin." I turned to see if D was standing in the other room, not there. So I headed for the bathroom to see if D had called me in there for some unknown (and most likely disgusting reason). Nope. He hadn't called to me. I chalked it up to my grandpa. Letting me know he was still there, that he was still thinking of me even in his afterlife. Do I sound crazy? Tough.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people that have experienced haunting. In IL alone there are a ton. Check this link out. There's nothing in there about Springdale Cemetery though. There is a Witches Circle up there that is the most scary place to be, even in the day time. I can't imagine the night time. It's crazy. You just get a horrible feeling when walking into the circle. Check out what I found online about it. Click. That's just one persons experience. Imagine how many other people just think they're crazy and have never told their experiences? What do you guys think?

Have you experienced the paranormal? I love to hear other peoples stories!