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September 30, 2009

{October is Crazy}

First things first, the movie review! :)

To tell you the truth, as much as I thought this movie was going to be so good. It wasn't. It wasn't a flop by any means, there were some really good parts. But the over all movie was just "ok". Nothing to write home about that's for sure.

We also rented Role Models last night. Also nothing to write home about. They showed the funniest parts on the previews. I hate that.

OK, on to the actual post :). October is going to be so ridiculously busy. Lets do a little run down shall we?
1st- Bugs 2yr check up *tear*
3rd- Bugs birthdays
7th- Bugs party
11th- Bark in the Park
16-18th- G and D are doing Wild Life Scary Park with Tiger Scouts
31st- Halloween

I know the list doesn't look that long, but when you're not used to doing very much, it's a ton all at once. I think the Wild Life Scary Park thing is going to be the most stressful. Probably just because D is a Halloween freak and he wants to be all scary. But I know that they're doing the early (just for little ones) part and he's not gonna be able to be scary like that with them. He'll be pissy. No doubt about it.

Bugs birthday party is at Chuck-E-Cheese this year. His very first time there. I'm pretty excited about it :). We paid a ton of money so it better be amazingly put together. No joke. We shall see I guess. I've never done a party at Chuck-E-Cheese before.

Who else is feeling the cold weather at this point? It's so cold right now that I have the space heater on. It's apparently not cold enough to kick the heater on though. Which is good I guess. Time to cover the windows with that plastic stuff. Woohoo.