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October 12, 2016

{We Bought Our 9 Year Old a Phone!}

Yep. I'm officially that parent that buys their 9 year old a phone. Who is going to talk to? I don't know. Will it just be pocket size tablet? Most likely. Will I most likely regret this decision? Without a shadow of a doubt.

Owen has been asking for a phone for the longest time. But like I said, he doesn't have anyone to call. He already has a tablet that he uses to skype me if he needs something and I'm not home (like when I leave him home while D is sleeping during the day). But still the kid has been begging for one. His friend at school has one and my nephew did for a while too. So naturally he is going to want one.

So this afternoon when D got up we told Owen we were going to go spend his birthday money but that we had to make a quick trip to the Verizon store. I had already done my research on which one I wanted to get him. I knew it needed to be Samsung and it needed to be as much like the other two kids phone as possible (don't need any jealousy in this house folks!).

So we went with the Galaxy J3 which is basically a newer version of the Galaxy S3 that the other two have.

We stood at Verizon for probably 30-35min and the whole time Owen was thinking that D was getting a new phone because the back of his phone is cracked (which it is). When we got to the check out and everything was paid for D hands him the bag and says, "here you go bud". Owen just backed up and didn't know what was actually happening. I got a little bit of it on video.

He was so surprised. He does process emotion very well lol. So when we got outside he started crying cause he was surprised and super happy.

He called Gaige on the way home lol. Gaige called the number back after hanging up on him and asked who it was lol. Owen loved "pranking him" lmao.

So yeah, now I'm one of those parents. One of those parents that I've said I wouldn't be. I've said for years that my kids wouldn't have phones until they were old enough to going places on their own. But no. I get suckered into a phone for his 9th birthday.

I'm such a damn pushover. And his dad is no better lol.