October 21, 2009

Viruses are evil!!

Oh my gosh I have such craptastic luck with laptops. I decided to attempt to download a program from limewire. I should have known better but did I listen to my gut? Of course not! In my defense though I did scan it with AVG and it picked up nothing. So really is it all my fault? Let's just blame it on AVG. So this virus refuses to leave my computer.. It's kind of like the last annoying person at a party and its like 3am but you can't get them to leave. Don't tell me you've never experienced something like that. Anyway, no matter how many times I run AVG and Windows Defender the damn thing is there when I restart the computer. I think I'm going to have to go to the actual file...or try to and try to delete it from there. And when I say 'I' I mean D lol. I'm not about to get in there and screw something up any more than I already have. So as we speak my glorious laptop is sitting in the living room all alone and turned off. So sad. If anyone has any ideas as to how wlse to g
et rid of said evil virus, don't hesitate to let me know.

So the drama queen is still sick and so is G. the doctor actually called today and said that G has strp on top of the flu. How fun. Luckily the antibiotic they gave him should clear everything up. Now I just need to figure out who the drama queens doctor is so that I can gether in there to see him and be done with all this crap. Luckiky Bug got the flu shot at his 2yr checkup so he won't get sick again...at least not from this. I on the other hand was not smart enough to get that shot so I'll probably get it. Blah.

Alrighty so everyone wish me luck with this virus. Hopefully we can get rid of it. I shall blog again soon (thanks to mail2blogger).