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October 4, 2009

{Such a cheap date}

 I tell you what ladies, no one is going to be able to say that my Bug has expensive taste. At least not until he figures out how to work the x-box (which is quickly approaching since he is already in love with Halo *sigh*). Yesterday (his birthday) we took him to Toys R Us to pick out a gift. We walked up and down almost every isle (skipping the girl toys) searching for a toy that he wouldn't let us put back on the shelf. Of course when we went through the Power Wheels he wanted one (which we decided is going to be a great Christmas gift next year!) but we convinced him they were "broke" and walked away. Then we came to a bin of bouncy balls. You guessed it. My little Bug wanted one. We were offering him expensive toys all that time and he chose a $2 ball. *Sigh* He is probably the most awesome 2yr old on earth (at least in my eyes lol). We walked through the toys again (because D just couldn't let him leave with just the ball) and he found a little key board (for babies obviously) and wanted that. So that's what he got for his birthday. Well, on top of the 2 Halloween books that I picked up Barnes and Nobel for him. He also ended up with 3 new outfits from Dollar General (stop laughing at me, they Fischer Price!) because he has (or had I guess) no fall/winter clothes. The kid grows like a flippin' weed. It's ridiculous.

His birthday party is Wed. at Chuck-E-Cheese. We're pretty excited about it and expect a ton of pics to appear the following day (or even that night if I can stay up that long lol). I just hope he doesn't get freaked out by the characters. I guess he'll just be stuck like glue to mommy if that happens won't he? So really, it won't be any different than any other day *haha* :-).

And now for some adorable pics I snapped with my phone yesterday on our adventures. Don't lie, I know that's why you're here right now ;-).

In his cute new Dollar General outfit. On the way to Toys R Us.

That piggy back ride was fun for about 2 seconds. Then he wanted mom.

"driving" the Power Wheel of his choice. Still just a 'tad' too small for it.

He did find a trike he enjoyed though.

I could have sworn I took more pictures than that. Apparently not, how sad. He looked so cute! :-)

And now on to my other little man, G. Kat from Kats Creations made this :-). Isn't it so cute? She did an amazing job :-).

Alrighty- I better let ya'll get back to your blog stalking :-).