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October 4, 2016

{Happy Birthday Owen!}

We had Owens birthday party on Sunday (the 2nd). I can not believe my little baby turned 9 this year. *Cries*

Anyway- he had told me weeks before that he wanted a themed birthday party (which he usually gets anyway). So I headed to my favorite store in the world (besides Ulta), Target. To my surprise Spider-Man party supplies were on clearance so that's what I picked up. I got a table cloth, banner, and plates/napkins.

I couldn't find any cups at Target though so I went to Walmart and got some of those plastic ones for .89.

His only preference for his cake was that it have blue icing. So we got that from Walmart too. (Ignore the backwards 9. I'm an idiot.)

We had invited all of my siblings, my mom, D's grandma and Tristen, and D's friend J. But the only people to show up were my brother and his girlfriend (with my niece), my mom, and D's grandma & Tristen.

We were pretty annoyed to be honest. We sent out the event invite a good month before the party and everyone said they were coming. Which meant we needed quite a bit of food, so we prepared for that. He ended up calling his cousin (who had also been invited by word of mouth) and she brought her kids over. So it all worked out.

We sang happy birthday of course..

Oh! I almost forgot, we bought him the Pie Face game too. So naturally Owen and my niece were all about that game lol.

By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. Owen says he had a pretty good birthday :) I think next year we're going to Chuck-E-Cheese or bowling or something. Screw a big party.